Membership and Sponsorship

Becoming a member is easy! Simply bring your voice or instrument and come to rehearsal. No auditions are required for participation. Rehearsals are held Saturday mornings from 9:00am to Noon at the New Life Academy, 6758 Bailey Rd. in Woodbury, MN.

All members pay an annual (tax deductible) fee of $15.00 which is used to pay for programs and other expenses for the organization. Choir members are required to purchase their own music and concert attire. Orchestra music is purchased and owned by the organization. Members are expected to participate at all scheduled rehearsals and be fully prepared for concert participation.

If you'd like additional information about membership or how to help sponsor our organization, here's how to contact us:

Woodbury Chorus and Orchestra


A very special thanks to St. Mark's Lutheran Church, North St. Paul for the use of their building as a rehearsal facility, and all the churches that provide our concert locations free of charge. The Woodbury Chorus and Orchestra gratefully acknowledge the following contributors who, in the last three years, have blessed us by their support that has allowed us to give 100% of the free will offerings to the food shelves in the communities in which we perform.


The Woodbury Chorus and Orchestra would like to gratefully acknowledge
the following contributors who have supported us this past season:

Benefactor $500 or more

Suzanne Benson
Ann & John Curry
Tom & Chris Hermanson
Jack & Judy Johnson
Laura & Rich Johnson
Steven & Erica Kennedy
Twyla & Bruce Kelly
Richard & Niki Kelly
Jeanne Schadt Memorial
Piper Foundation
St. Paul Travelers Foundation Community Action Awards
Carol Woodward
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Patron $200 to $499

Tom & Paula Foster
Viann Kelly
Richard Kraft
George & Katheryn May
Bob & Dottie van der Hagen
Jannine Wenholz in memory of Eileen Halliday

Sponsor $100 to $199

Paul & Ruth Fonstad
Dennis & Doris Johnson
Marvin & Marcia Lindseth
Shirley Fuller Memorial
Vern Prokosch
David & Ruth Shriver
Harvey & Betty Toenies

Investing Donor $50 to $99

Phyllis Beatty & Stuart Goldbarg
Paul & Carol Buhr
David Foster
Karen Grewe
Gordon & Nancy Kasseth
Donald Kjom
Mary Ann Lewis
Sara Lee
Barb Ling
Craig & Claudia Mammen
Roman & Alta Miller
Richard Moskop
Dennis & Gayla Olson
Beryl Perry
Susan & Donald Rogers
Chris Ross
Rosemarie Ryan
Paul & Gretchen Sanders
Woodbury Singers

Sustaining Donor $25 to $49

Sharon & Richard Alton
Carolyn Anderson
Lloyd & Ruth Anderson
Kathy Canniff
Elaine Curry
Bryan & Patricia Fredrick
Heather Fluck
Muriel Copp
Colin & Coleen Fowler
Bryan & Pat Fredrickson
Darrell & Barbara Grewe
Mary Gookins
Agatha Hubbard
Louise Jacobs
Loretta Jaus
Dennis & Doris Johnson
Jane Clappier
Karen Kandik
Phil & Judy Knoll

Gerrit Lamain
Robert Mersch
Karol Morton
Cynthia & Ron Munn
Joel & Leslie Norton
Sandra Pierce
John & Marlene Schelen
Judy Schulze
Christine & Lynn Simonson
Don Singly
Patricia & Richard Swanson
Roger & Gerri Teich
Lucille Thomas
Douglas & Carol Toreen
David Torgelson
Vicki Toutges
Jan Wise
Ann & Leonard Witucki

 The Minnesota Food Bank Network estimated that an average Thanksgiving meal costs $35.87.  That same $35.87 if given to a food shelf will provide 179 meals.  They  also reported one in eight people in Minnesota will use the food shelf.   In the last 22 years, the Woodbury Chorus and  Orchestra has helped to raise well over $400,000 for local food shelves, thanks to the generosity of our audiences.  That is enough money to provide over two million meals.   Please help us to raise even more money this year.


 Updated: 09/13/18